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Photos Cambodia Preah Khan and Phnom Bakheng

Dedicated to Shiva, Phnom Bakheng is a Hindu temple in the form of a temple mountain. It was constructed at the end of the 9th century, more than two centuries before Angkor Wat , during the reign of King Yasovarman.
Phnom Bakheng was the architectural centerpiece of a new capital, Yasodharapura, following Yasovarman’s move westwards from Roluos. The temple faces east and is built in a pyramid form of six tiers. Upon its completion it boasted 108 small towers around the temple at ground level and on several tiers. Only a few of the towers now remain. Located on top of a hill, the temple is a very popular tourist spot for the magnificent sunset views. Angkor Wat can be seen to the east, soaring upwards from the jungle.